Make Your Home Impregnable with These Cost-Effective Tips

Published on – Feb 05, 2014

Even the safest neighbourhoods have experienced a burglary or two, so it pays to boost your home’s security. Don’t worry about high costs, as there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to keep your home safe from break-ins.

  1. Change all the locks

This is the first thing you need to do when you move into one of the High View Queenstown Apartments or to a new home, for instance, especially if it has been known that many burglars use old keys to gain entry. The same thing should be done if locks are damaged or has been tampered with. You can get assistance from automotive car locksmiths in South Brisbane , a team that also cater to residential and commercial security requirements.

  1. Create the illusion that someone’s home

Most thieves do a sort of reconnaissance mission to determine which times of the day a house is likely to be empty. To deter them from breaking in, make sure that the house is always occupied or, at least, it appears that way from outside. How do you do this?

  • Add window shades to make it impossible for them to see inside clearly. They will have to get close enough to be sure, which is a wrong move for them.
  • Put the lights, radio and TV on timers so they turn on and off at certain times of the day, making it seem as if someone is inside.
  • Install motion sensors that turn on porch lights or other outdoor lighting when activated. Make sure to position them strategically .
  1. Maintain the outdoors

Trim plants or hedges, especially if they’re blocking the window or your view from the outside. Burglars can use them as cover as they check the house and determine the best entry point or while they’re picking the locks. Aside from trimming plants, replace those flower boxes with thorny bushes.

As a first line of defence, you should have your property fenced in. It may be expensive at first, but it will provide security for a long time, especially when built by reputable contractors. In line with this, hire Banks Building for fence construction as well as other renovation works . Lastly, consider adopting a dog. The most ferocious one makes a very effective deterrent. Aside from all these improvements, do not forget your other priorities. For instance, always remember to regularly pay your Platinum mortgage broker auckland.