Building Your Dream House? Read These 3 Expert Builder’s Advice First

Published on – Jan 16, 2014

What’s most rewarding about building your own home is the thought of having a place that exactly fits your personality and your definition of comfort. Unlike renting apartments, staying in your own house means not having curfews and rental bills as well as not having to share bathrooms and dining rooms with fellow renters. Comforts, like having a Gold Coast kitchen design, chic bedroom and contemporary living room, only come if you have your own home.

However, many builders agree that this excitement may lead to inefficiencies, be it in the construction process or the layout itself. So before starting the building process, experts highly recommend homeowners to do the following preparations first:

    • Always have a plan.

Draw or write down as many details as you can about your home. Be sure to include the following basic home aspects in your plan:

      • Consider the ceiling height and square footage to ensure your interior is spacious enough.
      • Ensure the layout and placements for rooms (e.g. kitchen, living room, bathroom) would give more legroom and space for furnishings. Reach out to experts in kitchen designs in Gold Coast to get good results.
      • Position your doors and windows properly.
      • Come up with good flooring and roofing designs.
    • Make a to-buy list of furnishings.

Determine what you need, make a list of the things you need to buy and prioritise them. This may include the following:

      • Furniture sets for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and the garden – When shopping for dining furniture, it would be good to visit kitchen showrooms in Gold Coast to see their actual material and design.
      • Light fittings – seek help from professionals for these.
      • Appliances (e.g. home entertainment, kitchen and cooking technologies) – opt for those energy-efficient units.

It would also be good to collaborate with the builders when making your list. They can give you tips on how to choose the best furniture sets for your home.

    • Look for a style that suits you best and spend wisely.

Browse print and online home improvement magazines to know what’s trendy. You can pick a style (e.g. shabby chic, contemporary) and recommend it to the builder. Yes, you can adapt these trends even with a set budget. All you need to do is prioritise. Besides, it would also be good to opt for low-cost yet classy furnishings, like shutters and green furniture.

Having your own house is really a rewarding feeling—with the investments you’ve made and bucks saved just to raise the ample funds. You can have your own Gold Coast kitchen design, a cosy living room and a comfy bedroom. To ensure you get good results, be sure to apply the pointers above and hire a reputable home builder.