Beware of These 5 Common Mistakes During a Rennovation Project

Published on – Jan 30, 2014

Are you planning to have your home or office renovated? Even if you’re building one from scratch, there are plenty of factors that must be considered. To ensure that everything falls into place, from the roof to the flooring, learn about mistakes you should avoid during renovation.

  1. Starting the work without a fixed budget

If it’s unclear how much money you want to spend on the project, you are unlikely to spend less or more. If you end up doing the latter, then you will have more problems on your hand, especially if you don’t have funds to top up what was already spent. So make sure you have a list of renovations that must be done and their corresponding price. Better yet, get estimates from several contractors, pick the most realistic one and then stick to it.

  1. Overlooking important paperwork

Although there are exceptions, it’s best to be certain about whether or not your construction project requires building consent . Forgetting this particular aspect can do huge damage, especially when you’ll be asked to have the building demolished because of violations of the law.

  1. Ignoring the idea of scalability

Whether it’s a home or office being built, it’s highly recommended that you think about future growth. Leave room for an extension or annexe in case your company or family expands. Keep the height to standards so you can add another storey whenever necessary. Most importantly, consider resale value in five or ten years’ time and the features that will be saleable when that moment comes.

  1. Deciding to go DIY

There’s nothing wrong with renovating on your own, provided that you know what you are doing. If you aren’t that confident with your handyman skills, let the experts do it instead to avoid costly mistakes. When you’re tight on the budget, the last thing you need is to have the entire work redone because it’s substandard. So hire a contractor, but don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong one. Make sure they’re fit for the job you have in mind.

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  1. Not using quality materials

Nothing beats being meticulous when choosing building materials, from the roof to the paint. After all, every item used to complete a structure contributes to its resale value. Where longevity and durability is considered though, only quality materials from reliable suppliers will do.

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